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Roger Strassman

The Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio would like to express gratitude to those who contributed to the Friends in memory of artist Roger Strassman.

Roger Strassman 1930-2021

All About the Artist

As a young man, Roger studied at the High School of Music and Arts and the Art Students League in NYC.
While in college at Yale, in addition to his architectural studies, he immersed himself in painting under the tutelage of Joseph Albers and Willem de Kooning. They became his mentors, guiding his modern fluid approach.
In retirement from WDC, an architecture firm where he served as a Managing Partner, he studied at the Yellow Barn under Helen Corning. Her students, informally called the Out Loud Artists, continued to paint together even after her death.
Roger’s expansive portfolio of abstract art has been featured in numerous galleries and private collections. His paintings continue to sell and reflect his bold, vigorous approach.

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