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The Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio was incorporated in 1994, as a nonprofit organization, established to support The Yellow Barn art studio at Glen Echo Park. In its infancy, the Friends, with a band of committed volunteers, helped to create a functioning art studio out of a dilapidated yellow car barn – the warmly and appropriately titled Yellow Barn Studio. The original Board of Directors were Walt Bartman, President; Dick Beers, Vice President; Jane Matz, Treasurer; Michael Shapiro; and Phyllis Lieberman. With their help, the Yellow Barn Studio became a reality. Through extensive fundraising of the Friends’ and help of the community, the Yellow Barn studio was renovated to become a welcoming, quality art school and community.

In a few short years the Yellow Barn art studio earned its reputation for high quality of instruction and affordable art classes, for all ages and levels of experience, in a supportive atmosphere. The Yellow Barn is more than an art school – it is an inclusive art community.


As a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization, The Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio is organized to support art educational and charitable purposes. The Friends’ mission is to raise money, through donations and grants, for renovation and programs associated with the Yellow Barn art studio. The Friends’ philosophy, consistent with the spirit of the late 19th Century Chautauqua movement upon which Glen Echo Park was founded, is that art is universal and thus, should be accessible to all. The Friends’ goal is to encourage all area residents, of all ages and all means, to experience the wonder of the visual arts through drawing and painting. Over 600 members have joined the Yellow Barn Studio throughout the years. As Friends, they have strongly supported the programs and classes at the Yellow Barn.

In addition, the Friends are responsible for the upkeep and updates of the Yellow Barn art studio, for the benefit of the artists, teachers and the community at large. We rely on your membership and charitable donations which are tax deductible to continue these programs.


The Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio continue to nurture the artistic spirit where all artists can practice their craft and develop at their own pace. The Friends support that environment and our members by offering the artists a venue to show their work at the Yellow Barn and invite the community at large to join the Friends for exhibitions, lectures, and workshops several times a year. They also provide scholarships for gifted teens or anyone who is passionate about art but who may not have the means to study.

Over the years, the Friends also host a fundraiser on special occasions to benefit those in need. As a Friend, you are also entitled to have a show in the Yellow Barn Gallery.

Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio Board of Directors:

     - Jim Kettler: President;

     - Larry Schlaifer: Treasurer;

     - Susan Galego: Secretary; 

     - Lee Ann Howdershell: Membership/Publicity;

     - Michel Escalant: WebMaster;

     - Walt Bartman - Founder and Director of the Yellow Barn Studio.

Follow the link, if you are interested in becoming a member of the Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio, or to make a donation.

Your tax-deductible membership and donation will guarantee that the Yellow Barn will be here for future generations of artists.

Otherwise, please contact us or email us at:

For a donation by check, please make your donation check payable to the Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio and send to the address below: 

Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio

P.O. Box 158

Glen Echo, MD 20812

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