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2021 Members Show Registration

Eligibility Requirements

"Rice Field" Acrylic - MichiyoRi Mizuuchi

Eligibility Requirements

Who can participate? This show is open to all members of The Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio. Membership in Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio must be current. You can join by going to https://www.friendsoftheyellowbarnstudio.org and clicking on "Membership." Instructors at the Yellow Barn are not eligible for this show. The Members Show will be a live event with an on-line component. Both will feature the same 80 juried pieces of art. The virtual show will remain on our website for one year. Members are invited to submit one original artwork that has not been exhibited in a recent Friends’ show.

The live show will run three weekends, December 4-19, 2021, at the Yellow Barn Studio and Gallery.


How do I submit artwork? Photograph your work without frame or glass to avoid glare. Artwork title on registration is limited to 30 characters, including spaces. You will be required to submit an image of your piece on the online form. The image must be a jpg or jpeg. Prior to uploading to the FOYBS registration site, please rename your image (jpg or jpeg) with your last name and title of artwork (i.e., Smith, Spring Sunset). Your name must appear within the image on the jpeg so that when we post on the gallery, the art will be listed with the correct artist's name. Doing this will enable your work to be tied to your registration information.  

NOTE: The image in the virtual gallery will be an image of the artwork only (no mat, frame or glass). The dimensions asked for in the registration should be the size of the framed work (i.e., 14x17 for an 11x14 canvas).

Pricing: When pricing work in the registration form, put whole numbers only (i.e., 150) into the price box. No decimal point or dollar sign is allowed. If your registration bounces, it is likely that you have put in a dollar sign or decimal.

How does my name appear in the Virtual Gallery? The name on your artwork will appear as it does in the registration information you provide. If you wish your middle name or middle initial to be included, please include that under “First Name.” If you have a hyphenated last name, please include the entire last name in the “Last Name” box.

What if I need to make a change to information on my registration? You may wish to start your registration days ahead to ensure you meet the November 19, 2021, deadline. If a correction is needed, please re-submit your registration to reflect changes.  The last registration you submit will be considered final and is what will be in the juried gallery.

How do I submit artwork if juried into the show?  Artwork must be for sale and framed adequately or in the case of a thicker gallery canvas, have sides wrapped, taped or painted. No saw tooth hangers are allowed. All work must be square/rectangular, with screw eyes and wire attached for hanging. Size is limited to 48”x48.” Weight limit max is 15 lbs.

Please attach one index card to the back of the painting with the following information; your name, title, medium, size, price, phone number or email address.

Please note artists must be available for drop off and pick up dates to participate in this show. The Yellow Barn is not responsible for any loss or damage to artwork.

What happens if I make a sale? Sales will be managed by The Yellow Barn Studio and Gallery. Artist accepts responsibility for arranging delivery of the artwork (or mail) to buyer. The Yellow Barn will take a 35% commission plus a 5% credit card fee and a 6% sales tax on all sales.

Important Dates

October 16-November 19 - Registration 

Monday, November 29, 2021 - Members notified of acceptance into show via email.

Thursday, December 2, 4-8 pm - Drop off artwork which has been juried and accepted into the Members Show.

Saturday, December 4 - December 19 (3 weekends). Gallery hours, 12-5 pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Sunday December 19, 5-7 pm.  Artists must pick up work at Yellow Barn Studio.

The Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio are not responsible for any loss or damage to artwork.


*Due to COVID requirements, there will be no Reception for the 27th Annual Members Show  

**Masks are required inside the Yellow Barn Studio & Gallery.

***Please note: The Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio may use your artwork at any time for promotional reasons.


If you have reviewed the Eligibility Requirements and still have questions, please contact us at info@friendsoftheyellowbarnstudio.org