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Dao Hu - Drawing - A Little Girl has a Story.jpeg

Dao Hu - Drawing - A Little Girl has a Story

Thank you so much to Friends and Instructors

Drawing and Water-Media Reception 2022

Live Show, held September 3rd to 5th, 2022
at the Yellow Barn Studio and Gallery.

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Ally Morgan - Drawing - Golden.jpg

Ally Morgan - Drawing - Golden

Thank you for your participation to our Drawing and Water-Media 2022 Show

Thank you so much to Friends and Instructors who participated in the Drawing and Water-Media Show.

This show was a big success! Because of all the wonderful art, there was a big turnout and many sales. We had over 1500 people that came to look at art and $5200 in sales. 


Congratulations to Maro Nalabandian who placed first in Watermedia for her piece Shingled House with Flowers.

Congratulations to Tania Kaddeche who placed first in the Drawing category with Coastal Wind #1.

Both Shingled House and Coastal Wind sold.


Congratulations to these artists who also sold works in the show:


Ann Rossilli - Kyoto

Susan Levin - Autumn Sky

Ruth Marcus - Via Vecchia, Lake Como

Molly Oliveri - Sanibel Sunset

Paul Zapatka - The Indres River in Loches, France and Great Falls, MD

Bonny Lundy - Gesture

Maria Victoria Checa - Winter Storm and The Sky is the Limit

Kalapana Goel - Colorful Bouquet

Pat Choquette - Reflections

Marcie Wolf-Hubbard - Young Moose

Wendy Smith - Resting Place

Erik Ramsey - Vases and Lemon Tree

D'Lisa Turner - Bull Run Hike

Kathee Baker - Wrens Nest

Gail Kaplan-Wessell - Hibiscus

Susan Cohen Galego - Let Them Eat Cake


Thank you again and Congratulations

The Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio Board.


Coastal Wind #1

Coastal Wind #1

Tania Kaddeche - Drawing

Shingled House with Flowers

Shingled House with Flowers

Maro Nalabandian - Water-Media

Holy Mackerel

Holy Mackerel

John Kachik - Honorable Mention


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