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Thank you so much for your participation!

Paint Out 2022

Held on June 11 10am - 5pm for a PaintOut at beautiful, historic Glen Echo Park.

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Srinivasan_The SingingHeart.jpg

The Singing Heart - Pritha Srinivasan

Thank you for your participation to our Paint Out 2022 event.

Thank you so much to Friends and new members who participated in the Paint Out 2022 event. Thank you to those who were able to come and have fun painting at the historic Glen Echo Park. The event was well attended and it was a great opportunity to reconnect with Friends.

Rana Geralis was awarded Best in Show by judge Leo Ramos.
Honorable Mentions went to Ruthann Uithol, Andrew Miller and D’Lisa Turner. 23 artists participated in
this event.

If you have questions, please contact the Friends at

The Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio Board.

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Watch our event video!

Paint Out 2022 - Photos Gallery

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