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Bahamas Relief Fundraiser


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Glance to our amazing artwork gallery

A Gala reception was held for the artists and their guests

To our participating Artists and Patrons:

The Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio board want to extend our sincerest gratitude for joining us to support our Bahamas Relief fundraiser with your amazing artwork in the show, donated paintings, and contributions.

Our event and reception were a tremendous success thanks to all of you! We could not have done this without you and our volunteers. Thank you to everyone for your generosity and support for a worthy cause!  

It is hard to believe that not long ago we all gathered together at the Yellow Barn to support our friends in Elbow Cay, Bahamas, where the Yellow Barn Studio sponsored painting workshops for many years. We had no idea how truly special it was for our art community to all join together so freely for a wonderful cause, and to enjoy an exciting art exhibit and beautiful reception. We are fortunate to have our art at this trying time, and the art classes are now available online at the Yellow Barn for the community to enjoy. Instructors are using Zoom video conferencing which is an easy system to learn, and works well for creative needs.

We want to give special thanks to Christy Young, a FOYB member and our Bahamas contact. Christy was a great inspiration for our fundraiser as a resident of the Bahamas for many years.

Our event was a great success, much greater than we hoped for with donations far beyond our original goal of $10,000. The Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio is going to send checks totaling $18,501 to PERC. Inc., a registered section 501(c) (3) charity, to be used on Elbow Cay to help rebuild the Island.

  • Carol Marburger

  • Patricia Granados

  • Roy Mendi

  • Ponce

  • Qiang Huang

  • Jenny Klein

  • Dao Ho

  • Marianna Kastrinakis

  • Alex Bartman

  • Christy Young

  • Barbara Pace

  • Bonny Lundy


Congratulations to the artists below who sold during the show. Approximately 20 paintings were sold, with some artists selling more than one painting.


To our patrons, visitors and guests who also attended and donated directly to the cause: Thank you for your most appreciated contributions and support. We collected approximately $5,700 just from these donations and proceeds from the preview party during our event. The generosity and support from our art community and patrons was truly amazing!

Join us online for our juried 21st Annual Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio High School art show.  There were over 136 submissions from talented students from high schools throughout the DMA area. 40 works were selected by our judge this year, renowned architect Paul Spreiregan.

Again, many thanks and best wishes for a safe and healthy spring!


The Friends of the Yellow Barn Board

Jim Kettler - President * Walt Bartman - Founder/ Director of the Yellow Barn * Larry Schlaifer – Treasurer

Lee Ann Howdershell – Membership/Publicity * Susan Galego – Secretary * Michel Escalant – Website* Patricia Choquette – Fundraising/Publicity           

For more information, please contact us

Gallery: Gallery


A Glance at the arts exhibition from our Friends of the Yellow Barn Studio artists community. 

(browse through our gallery ; or double click for more details)

Photo images by Michel Escalant and by Pat Choquette

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